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Mifo O7 Dynamic [2022] Smart Touch True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Free US Shipping
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Mifo O7 Dynamic [2022] Smart Touch True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Free US Shipping

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Mifo O5 True Wireless Earbuds Specs and Features ReviewThe O7 Dynamic improves on the award-winning original with carbon nanotube dynamic speaker drivers in each earbud for incredibly accurate and big sound at all frequencies, multiple microphones and voice refining software for better Zoom calls, haptic touch controls, active noise canceling, and the latest Bluetooth 5 chipset from Qualcomm.

Package it in a, beautiful, smaller than ever aluminum charging case with incredibly long battery life and intuitive pairing software and the Mifo O7 Dynamic happens: Make it Fully Optimal.

Mifo O5 and O7 Difference


  • Extraordinary battery life includes over 8 hours of continuous use time, with an additional 4 full charges with the included aluminum charging case.
  • CVC noise canceling creates crystal clear sound while in the gym, out and about, or whilst on the plane.
  • Carbon nanotube dynamic sound drivers are the most advanced sound technology in truly wireless earbuds. The latest tech helps to focus crisp higher frequencies, while delivering deep, rich bass.
  • New earbud design with touch controls. No more buttons! Enjoy simple haptic touch controls that won't accidentally trigger and won't cause ear discomfort.
  • Bluetooth 5 from Qualcomm, the best name in wireless technology. Enjoy uninterrupted signal with synchronization technology for enjoying video from a mobile device or computer.
  • IPX 7 waterproof and dust proof ensures sweat, rain, and the elements never harm the Mifo O7.
  • USB-C case input allows you to use the latest charging technology to rapidly power up the aluminium charging case when power runs low. Most users enjoy 1-2 weeks between charges!

What's in the box

Compatibility Guide

  • Fully compatible with iOS and Android Operating Systems including smart watches and fitness bands that transmit Bluetooth signal
  • Fully compatible with devices by Apple, Google Pixel, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and most Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Bluetooth 5 standard is reverse compatible with older Bluetooth chipsets

Customer Reviews

Based on 714 reviews
Pretty good product and support

It did take a while to get these, and I was concerned when I read the many negative reviews, so I reached out, had a response within the day and sensible options offered. I declined the alternates and decided to wait. Less than a week later the 07s were delivered. Beautiful case, but the design language does not prompt me for where the front is, so I am often trying to open from the back. I also find the devices hard to remove from the case.... my fat fingers? BUT performance and battery life are excellent and as advertised. Overall, very happy with the purchase.

Kelly Evans
Fantastic product 👍🏻☺️

Happy with my new earphones , only downside was it took over 2 months to receive and since it was a gift from my wife because my first set which were also Mifo stopped working , when she purchased them they said in stock only to find out you had a back order , other than having to chase down the delivery date and when they would be back in stock all else is perfect , was pleased with promp emails though reguarding said earphones and keeping us up to date so thank you for the good communication

Mifo 07

So far I've found them to be very good they stay in position when I'm training and feel comfortable. The noise cancelling works very well.My only issues are that I would like them to be louder and the controls are not used by myself I just control everything via my phone its easier.

Ricky White
Well packaged and documented instructions

Not as much bass bottom end as in Sienhauser earbuds but great top end. Easy to use and good levels of usage.

Love them

Sound great decent battery life easy to pair happy with my purchase!

Denzel Nnalue
Good earbuds but cannot stay in my ears

It was so surprising how far I could use these earbuds and the sound quality is amazing but my only issue is that when I put them in, they tend to fall out quite easily and if I put them in my ear further it hurts. That is my only problem but overall amazing earbuds and they are worth the price.

Great for music but not for calls

These head phone are great for music however when it comes to taking phone calls which is the whole reason I ordered them

Edward Yates
Great earbuds

The 07 are my second pair of Mifo earbuds and the sound quality is really good. Easy to operate and fit ears well.

Maureen Gale
Love my Mifos

It took a few tries for the left earbud to link into my phone, but seems to have figured it out, and I love the clear sound and noise cancelling, especially at the gym where I have to block out the piped in "music". Yay!

Chris Binnie
Brilliant product

Great sounds, sweet battery life... get yourself some of these beauties...