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Great earbuds but the memory foam ear tips are not for every one

I bought 2 sets of Mifo Earbuds and 1 set of memory foam ear tips to share between my wife and I. I am using the medium size one and the noise isolation is really good and very comfortable. However, my wife finds them either too big or too small. She prefers the tips that came with the earbuds.

Ear Problem

I really like these earbuds, sound is great, there is only one fault with them, no matter how hard I try they won't stay in my ears. I've tried everyone of the additional rubber ear inserts to try and find one that would provide a proper fit but that didn't work. They just won't stay in. Maybe you can provide some help.

Great purchase for the money ๐Ÿค—

Read some reviews, bought these and glad to say, I'm not disappointed, thanks everyone x

Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Free AU/NZ Shipping


They are alright however not the most comfortable in the world good sound quality when they actually stay in your ears used every different bud still fall out couldnโ€™t use them for the gym thatโ€™s a certainty

Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2

I absolutely love these ear buds. I can exercise and they will not fall out. They sound great. I would definitely recommend these


These speakers are everything they are claimed to be.Superb surround sound! Amazing, simply amazing!

Highly recommend

Works as described. Has about 4-5 hrs full time run but it charges up quickly. Haven't tried charging a phone with it yet, but I've only had to do the initial charge in the 2 weeks that I've had it and it's still going strong. The sound is excellent quality, the buttons are small and almost flush but far enough apart that it's easy to use. User friendly with a good range (~10m with walls). I love the choice of 7 ear pieces since my ears get sore easily from ill-fitting ear phones. I adore my ear buds and it was the best purchase I've made.


Works well . The little base legs donโ€™t stop the unit rolling over.


Best earbuds ever! And we've had over 10 sets now from other distributors than have lasted no longer than 2 weeks.
The distance you can use them from your phone is so FAR! Battery lasts for absolutely ages, the sound is amazing and they're super comfy. Love them.

O5 air buds

Excellent value for money - easy to use, charge retention excellent and a good earbud fit especially with my slight rugby cauliflower ears - the choice of ear bud inserts is very good. Bluetooth connectivity is excellent for both voice calls and music is excellent. The only thing I have is the base response is a little weak, especially with the Jazz genre but there again I would have to pay x3 more !! All together great value for money and would certainly recommend.


These are great and perform exactly how I wanted and needed. Great sound. Microphone works well. Love the hands free controls too

Super Comfy!

So happy with these. Sound great and the most comfortable earbuds ever! They just fit so snug.

Sound great, feel good

These are my first buds and I love them. No cords to get tangled, easy to operate and absolutely clear sound. Iโ€™m 60 and if I can figure them out, anyone can!

Good Product and great delivery

Product is good and has some great features, only negative is the buttons are a bit hard to use.
Item was delivered on time

Love this little thing

Well worth the money. Product looks and feels premium, the quality is very decent.
I just wish that the buttons are easier to press and all. But overall its a great earphones.

Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Free AU/NZ Shipping


I've had them for two weeks and so far they have been amazing. the buttons are mostly useless but I would've never used them anyway.

Ear buds were a gift

Since this was a gift, I've not had any feedback on them.

Great Earbuds

Bluetooth connects flawlessly, sound it good, battery is great.


I haven't had the chance to use them much but I enjoy them every time I use them. I am still trying to figure out the correct insert for my ears.

Excellent Quality and Reliability

Iโ€™ve had a fair share of wireless earbuds, and I am most pleased with Mifoโ€™s O5. The sound quality is crystal clear, and the design ensures that they will fit into your ear without risk of falling out. The transparency mode is also a great feature that I take advantage of frequently. While they may seem pricey, they are certainly built to last. I canโ€™t stress the cost-effectiveness of these earbuds enough.

I have not used as much as my granddaughter and she really likes them. I am in the middle if a remodel and have not used while working in house or walking outside. When I unpacked and wore for about 15mins the sound was great and after putting in smaller buds they stayed in place! TU!

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