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Still early but...

I just received them about a week or so ago and the sound is pretty good, but certainly not worth writing home about.
I guess I must have small ears because I put the smallest cushions on and they just fit into my ear canal but, the body of the ear bud doesn’t quite fit inside my ear, making them uncomfortable after a time, and not always secure. I seem to have to adjust them quite often.
Finally, memorizing all the button functions without carrying the cheat sheet... well, it’s not easy. Also, having to hold the buttons down for 1, 2, 3, or 5 seconds, is tricky, assuming you’ve memorized all the functions. The buttons are tiny, so “fat fingers” may be difficult. Also, the buttons have to be pressed rather hard, which hurts my ear, especially when holding for multiple seconds.
Batteries seem good but as of yet, I haven’t tested them for length of charge...
Not bad for the price!

like them

those tips expend nicely in my ears. give a good feeling no irritation in my ears.
also when you charge you battery’s fit nicely in the case.
yes will recommend this.

Pretty great !

love that they come with the different size earbuds to fit your ear.
Light weight and sleek design
Fit great in the ear
Good quality sound and can be at times pretty noise cancelling
Only negative is that i can hear some muffled sound when i step (i guess the movement of them in the ear canal) however when im running its not that bad.
Great product!

I love the design and especially the case, the weight added to it really makes it feel special while holding it in your hand. The sound I would say it's decent, but you know, the battery is what I need to get through a long shift at work.

Awesome sound

Very pleased with these earbuds. Fantastic sound and easy to setup. All for much less than the usual high profile brands.

Premium product in a crowded marketplace

There's plenty of earbuds vying for your money. Some too cheap, some extremely expensive, and Mifo 05 nestling at an affordable price.
Delivery from the UK main website was fast.
Unboxing - the main box has the feel of a quality fone box.
Inside are cables, tips, and the main recharger housing. This feels heavy and solid, with a reassuring positive click when closing.
The buds nestle snugly, and don't stick out so are great for wearing in bed where they won't catch.
Pairing was instantaneous, and the bud controls easy to locate with a finger after a couple of goes.
Play time is good, and the case has a massive charge to keep you going.
Sound wise, I like them. I'm not an audiophile so can't comment on the precision, but they sound good to me.
Overall would gladly recommend.

Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 Earbuds

Earbuds are comfortable but they have slipped out on me once. Also have temporarily lost connections but it does come back.

Mifo earbuds

Very nice product. Fit in ear is perfect even when I've had problems before. Bass is good, treble better. A lovely product well worth the money. Dont appreciate the rating automatically starting in the five though. So sort that out.

Not certain yet

The purpose of buying earbuds was to permit watching television programs quietly so as to not disturb others in the household. So far our tv which has Bluetooth has yet to recognize our new MiFo earbuds. . . Beside this problem i found the containers/rechargers looking very pretty.

Just the tip 😜

The memory foam tips definitely keep it in your ears better... I work out hard in them, go up and down multiple flights of stairs... never had a problem with them dropping out... comfy fit

Comfortable but large

They were comfortable, but even the small size was too big. Customer service was great and quick to deal with!

Good sound, battery and looks but badly let down by poor volume control

The sound is very good and gives me what I hoped for. It’s nicely designed and easily portable. Range is ok but only just. The one downer is the volume control, which is very annoying. Every time you connect to a source, e.g. phone or tablet, the volume level defaults to VERY loud so you have to tune it down if you don’t need it so loud. Tuning it down is then very difficult with large but very unresponsive push buttons on the side of the speaker. You have to jab them hard and often to change the volume. Very frustrating and disappointing, and I can’t understand how a good product overall could have this one irritating feature. I wouldn’t buy it again unless this is changed.

Good, not great

I found the same issues noted on most of the reviews. Buttons are tiny, small pairing issue when first connecting, and not a huge fan of the transparency mode.

All that said, they are still a very nice product at a reasonable price.

Great buy

Love these ear buds. Great sound and easy to use. Delivery was quick.

so far so good!

Easy to pair with iOS devices, very decent sound (what I expected for this price-range), simple controls, good quality mic, easy to take calls, waterproof (great for showers and mishaps), useful ambient sound mode for quick conversations without taking them out, minimal packaging.
Just wish the ear fit was better...

Great buy, but ...

I picked these earbuds because they are the smallest ones on the market. The sound is excellent - just make sure they are seated properly in your ears. The "but" in the title is because I have a feeling they will fall out if I run or jog while wearing them. Since I do neither, it's not a deal breaker! The whole package is well built, the sound is good so I highly recommend them.

Good product

Bought a set for my girlfriend after having my own for 6 months. Great battery life and good sound quality. Fit snugly in ear. An all round great product.

Great wireless earbuds!

All round greatness! Finally a pair of ear buds that actually stay in my ears, sound great and don’t cost the earth! Love them!

Very Happy

Little bit of a struggle to pair them but once paired very happy

Excellent ear buds.

Love these ear buds. Very comfortable, audio quality is excellent. Not had them long, but so far they are just what I wanted, great price as well.

Exceptional & Excellent

Thank you very much for such an amazing earbud. Sound superb & functionality awesome. Great Customer Service. Much appreciated.

MiFo Joy

These fabulous little buds not only look and feel great they have changed how I workout.
I can completely recommend them as a great price; speedy delivery and much coveted new purchase.

Mifo O5 PLUS Gen 2 Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Free UK Shipping

Insanely good sound

Couldn’t believe the clarity and quality of sound coming through them from my phone!

Too good.

These have been near perfect. They have better range than my Bose Quite comfort head phones and come in a much smaller package which is impressive. Only issue has been that they don't play super nice with my Yoga App when I use my kindle. There seems to be a slight delay in one ear. Sound is great too!