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Great upgrade

The foam ear buds make a big difference for sound isolation and improving the sound. Glad I purchased them, but think they ought to be standard with Mifos.

Sonitrex Go Xl Bluetooth speaker.

Very happy with unit, good sound, and easy to use. David.

Great choice

I use them for running. Couldnโ€™t be happier. I had apple air pods that were constantly a problem. Love these. Recommend to anyone. 5 stars.

Very good sound, great value.

I did a lot of research before making my choice. I'm very happy with The Sonitrek Go XL Bluetooth Speaker. I bought it to use on our back deck area but I find I am using it indoors as well. a( because with Spotify I am enjoying a wider range of music, and b) because the sound is very good.

Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds - Free AU/NZ Shipping

Super ear buds, excellent tonal response

These buds are hard to beat, excellent performance, my only complaint is their bulk, yes I know theyโ€™re very small and designed to be comfortable in the ear, but I wanted what is probably not possibleโ€ฆ buds that are comfortable if you lay with your head to the side to sleep. Having said that I am very pleased with the buds and would thoroughly recommend them

Mifo O7 Dynamic [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 07 - Free UK Shipping

Excellent product!
Great service and a speedy free delivery!
Thank you Mifo! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mifo O5 PLUS Gen 2 [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds - Free US Shipping

Mifo O5 PLUS Gen 2 [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds - Free US Shipping

They work great! Iโ€™m glad I purchased these!


Great earbuds

Very Impressed with these earbuds, good sound quality and comfortable to wear.
Delivered on date as planned.

I'm impressed

These headphones have been fantastic so far. Very comfortable in the ear, not an obnoxious size, clear audio quality, and easily paired across devices. The battery life has been great. I would recommend these to someone in the market for headphones

Great product. Competitive pricing

Beautifully presented, great sound & many earpiece options to ensure a comfortable, secure fit

Great ear buds

Fast delivery brilliant sound what more can I say


Happy with service, happy with speed, happy with communication. Only disappointment was that based on a previous purchase a 10% discount was offered. When placing order I provided discount code but no discount appears to have been applied to order. Only 10 dollars so not too worried. Just thought I should mention as you asked re service. Maybe I did something wrong.

Happy Customer

Great sound! No complaints so far. Very happy with the product.

Awesome sound and comfy buds

Received as a gift so quite unexpected and now so glad I have them. Great sound, in stereo, and comfy in ears. No issues in connecting to iPhone and working a treat! Charge has lasted a long time, used daily and always returned to the case.

Aggravating connection issue

Whenever my phone is nearby, they constantly connect to my phone while they're still in the case. This is very aggravating while driving or connected to another Bluetooth device. Other than that, they work well.

Review - Sonitrek Solo Pro 2 Bluetooth 5 Bone Conduction Sports Headphones

I bought these to see what the bone conduction sound quality is like. I did not think the sound quality would be as good as it is. The sound is like you are listening to an external speaker system and these are great for open office plan to provide mild block out of external talking. The pause button on the headset also makes it very quick and effective to talk to someone.
I would also use these if I went out walking as I can still hear my surroundings but could listen to music or podcast while still easily hearing walkers / riders around me.
If you want the sound to be loud, you do need to put ear plugs in - but that isn't the aim for me with these.
These are a lot better then I expected!

Reasonable for the price

After much consideration and research, ended up choosing these affordable earbuds.

What I like:
The case is very sturdy and definitely feels as if they are certainly worth of being aligned with a more renown brand.
The buds too are of high quality and fit nicely in the ear.
Independent ear buds are nice too. e.g. can have either one in or both.
USB-C connector is great as well.
I had had 1 earbud in while at work, lasted for @4 hours and then simply swapped to the other one to continue listening.

What I dislike or could be improved.
Didn't get picked in Bluetooth devices easily on Samsung phone or on laptop. Did, of course do it after a little time and patience.
Sound quality is nowhere near as good as competitors (you get what you pay for, I'd suggest). e.g. my 6year old BOSE earbuds still have better quality sound.
At higher end of volume and if you alter base/treble etc.. you will have really bad sound distortion.

Overall, not a bad product, but certainly, room for improvement.

Memory foam ear tips

Although earbuds are excellent On their own, these tips Add a further degree of comfort and complete noise block. Great for chilling out.
Bought a set for teenagers to share. They come in a little box which fits in the hard case with the earbud Charger case to keep Everything together.