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Good value but lacking

Good value but lacks precision, clarity. The speaker only has treble on one side so has to be facing the listener the correct way for best sound otherwise it can be muffled.

Couldn’t be happier with purchase

Super easy to set up just plug in and it’s done. The pic quality is amazing especially the night vision.

Wash but don't recommend

I put these through the washing machine and both still work perfectly. Though I don't recommend anybody do this on purpose.

Connectivity is Iffy

With a full charge I have to remove them from my brand new IPad and go all the way through the set up process every time I want to use them . Same problem using them with my IPhone. But man, when I finally do get them to sync up, the sound is amazing, and they stay in my ear, even while I’m doing housework.

Love them!

Great sound, noise reducing too. Easy to connect to both my iPhone and iPad. Only tricky thing was getting one to charge after changing the ear bud cover, but sorted it out pretty fast.

10/10 buds

Not a real tech guy but these have got to be the best value wireless earbuds. $125 after tax, sound quality holds up to the big name earbuds and the battery life is incredible. The stock tips fit my ears perfectly, didn’t have to go looking for other sizes. Have recommended these to all my friends and family, so glad I bought them!

Honestly the best AirPod Alternative, but…

I really love these headphones. The case is very nice (metal mostly) and doubling as a battery pack is very cool. The headphones themselves fit in my ears very comfortably and are much lower profile than AirPods or other competitors. The sound is great. They have a flat EQ so less bass than AirPods but that is something I prefer. I use audiotechnica studio headphones to make music and these have a similar EQ. There is only one problem that has been very frustrating for me. I don’t use these for running, however, I work outside all day and I move around a lot. I have noticed that even with my phone in my pocket, that short distance seems to put a strain on the Bluetooth. Most mornings I will get irritated with the headphones cutting in and out of connection to my phone simply because I’m holding a tool next to my head or even if I just turn my head to the side. Overall these are fantastic, but the connectivity issues really put a damper on my satisfaction with these. It’s hard to imagine that they would stay connected very well as a runner or something like that.


They’re awesome, even better than my old O5 plus in all respects. Only problem they took 20 days from ordering to arrive.


The sound quality is as they promised. The entire set-up, from charging case to the ear buds are of extremely high quality. As a side note, they also look good.

Mifo O5 PLUS Gen 2 [2022] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds - Free US Shipping

Great earbuds for sleep, but...

I already have Galaxy buds but they were uncomfortable for me to sleep in because I'm a side sleeper. These work great for that HOWEVER I'm still hearing my husband snore through my sleep sounds playing. And the foam covers aren't big enough for me.

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Memory Foam Ear Tips

Very comfortable, much better than the ones that come with the ear buds.

Replacement ear bud

I was very happy it did not cost a lot to replace my lost ear bud. I wish however it had come with a set of ear tips, since my favourite tip was lost as well.

Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 [2022] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds - Free Shipping

So extremely happy with these Bluetooth speakers. Absolutely brilliant

I am so very very happy with my purchase. And I absolutely love the colours. Hight highly I would recommend these:)

So far alright not greatest but decent

Good luck trying to go previous song on Spotify, not the most bass ey. Pair I've owned but it's clear


First earbuds that really fit. Super sound. Excellent quality.


It was delivered with care perfect timing no damage the speaker it’s selfe is aswsome recommend this a lot worth the money

Top Product

Does everything it's supposed to , quality design , very comfortable insane battery life 8+ hours on a charge easily would absolutely recommend to anyone , very happy customer!

Fit is amazing

I have the original mifo buds however with my helmet I had to almost tape them in. Bought the sports one and it's a game changer. Fits snug into my ear. Helmet doesn't catch. They are perfect