Shower Headphones Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Using Headphones and Earbuds in the Shower

Listening to music or podcasts in the shower can be a great way to unwind or learn while you go about your daily routine. Getting that extra ten minutes of personal listening time means a lot in a busy world that seems to be getting busier every day.

Thanks to new innovations in wireless headphones and speakers, using electronics in the shower is not only possible, it's highly recommended! Keep reading to get the basics of how this tech works, and how to tell if the product you are buying will work reliably in the shower.

Can you wear headphones in the shower? How to listen to music in the shower with headphones

Stated simply: You don't. Bluetooth shower headphones that go over your ears aren't really an option. That's because there are too many potential contact points for water to seep inside. Large gaps around your ears where the headphones meet your skin will collect water, and nobody wants a pair of dead headphones at the end of a nice rinse.

Making the move to wireless earbuds in the shower

That said, if you are willing to try a wireless earbud format, you'll find that you can not only listen to earbuds in the shower, but that it can be a game changer for relaxation and productivity.

Waterproof wireless earbuds are the best waterproof headphones

Recent advances in waterproofing tech have resulted in a generation of products that are nearly impermeable to water. Not only that, but if the IPX rating is high enough (see our handy chart below) the product will block out dust and larger particles as well.

The technology behind waterproof earbuds comes from new materials and coatings that repel water. Without getting too technical, these are permanent modifications such as nanoparticle coatings on the inside and outside of a product. Once applied, water will not short or interrupt signals.

Not all waterproof earbuds are created equal

But using earbuds in the shower comfortable means having a product that is purpose built with that use case in mind. Just because a product is water resistant does not mean it is meant for daily shower use. If you are shopping for a product, check out our line of earbuds for the shower that are both totally waterproof and will stand up to a lifetime of use in a wet environment.

Look at the IPX rating to determine the best shower earbuds

Engineers have devised a system to measure and communicate exactly how waterproof an electronics product is. This system is applied to audio and computing products of all varieties. Even your smartphone is likely to have an IPX rating!

The IPX rating system has a few stages, so be sure to review the below IPX chart and then check to see if you can wear your wireless earbuds in the shower. Generally speaking, we would not recommend using headphones in the shower unless they are rating IPX7 or above.

Know before you buy: Waterproof rating chart for wireless earbuds and speakersheadphones for shower chart

Maintaining a tight seal is equally important for waterproof earbuds

If the ear tips don't fully seal your ear canal from the outside, water may leak in when you are showering, particularly while washing your hair. This can be annoying, because you'll likely need to stop what you are doing and remove the earbud in question to dry out the inside of your ear.

Using products like memory foam ear tips together with your waterproof earbuds can help create a tighter seal that water can't leak through. 

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be a great alternative to earbuds

If you don't have to worry about disturbing a partner or roommate, waterproof Bluetooth speakers for showers offer an alternative to earbuds and headphones. The benefits of listening to a wireless shower speaker include more freedom to move around, and overall less stress about losing a precious earbud.

Check the acoustics before you buy wireless shower speakers 

Downsides usually have to do with echo and distortion related to the setup of your bathroom, so do your homework and see if open air music sounds good in your bathroom to begin with!

If you are looking for a suitable set of wireless shower speakers, check out our line of Sonictrek products, which offer complete shower safety while delivering an amazing Bluetooth 5 listening experience!