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Mifo O7 Dynamic [2022] Smart Touch True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Free US Shipping
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Mifo O7 Dynamic [2022] Smart Touch True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds - Free US Shipping

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Mifo O5 True Wireless Earbuds Specs and Features ReviewThe O7 Dynamic improves on the award-winning original with carbon nanotube dynamic speaker drivers in each earbud for incredibly accurate and big sound at all frequencies, multiple microphones and voice refining software for better Zoom calls, haptic touch controls, active noise canceling, and the latest Bluetooth 5 chipset from Qualcomm.

Package it in a, beautiful, smaller than ever aluminum charging case with incredibly long battery life and intuitive pairing software and the Mifo O7 Dynamic happens: Make it Fully Optimal.

Mifo O5 and O7 Difference


  • Extraordinary battery life includes over 8 hours of continuous use time, with an additional 4 full charges with the included aluminum charging case.
  • CVC noise canceling creates crystal clear sound while in the gym, out and about, or whilst on the plane.
  • Carbon nanotube dynamic sound drivers are the most advanced sound technology in truly wireless earbuds. The latest tech helps to focus crisp higher frequencies, while delivering deep, rich bass.
  • New earbud design with touch controls. No more buttons! Enjoy simple haptic touch controls that won't accidentally trigger and won't cause ear discomfort.
  • Bluetooth 5 from Qualcomm, the best name in wireless technology. Enjoy uninterrupted signal with synchronization technology for enjoying video from a mobile device or computer.
  • IPX 7 waterproof and dust proof ensures sweat, rain, and the elements never harm the Mifo O7.
  • USB-C case input allows you to use the latest charging technology to rapidly power up the aluminium charging case when power runs low. Most users enjoy 1-2 weeks between charges!

What's in the box

Compatibility Guide

  • Fully compatible with iOS and Android Operating Systems including smart watches and fitness bands that transmit Bluetooth signal
  • Fully compatible with devices by Apple, Google Pixel, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and most Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Bluetooth 5 standard is reverse compatible with older Bluetooth chipsets

Customer Reviews

Based on 732 reviews
Raymond Hateley

Comfortable fit, very good sound.
Happy with them

Gary Ross

Mifo O7 Dynamic [2022] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 07 - Free AU/NZ Shipping

Caroline Assarsson
Wireless earphones

Can't fault the earphones they look nice and the sound is very good. The communication on the other hand was a bit different didn't receive a tracking number after more than a week from purchase so started getting a bit nervous. And it took way longer to ship than promised.

Carmen C
Generally good ear buds

The pros include: good sound (not mind blowing fantastic but good), love the fact you can use just one ear bud, love the touch function, the charge case is of great quality and small, phone calls are clear even to the person on the other side of the call. Cons: noise cancellation isn't as good as my old jabra ear pods, no app for these, no way to turn off the noise cancellation to hear surrounding sounds.
Overall pleased for the price I paid

william dudeney
MIFO 07 18 months later

Generally brilliant but:
They tend to get loose in my ear when I'm sweaty from running.
The memory foam tips don't last long, I went back to silicone tips after about 3 months. Silicone tips have lasted well.
Recently had trouble with unreliable charging, looks like the contact plating has worn off one of the buds 😞 I'll have a look under the microscope next week in case it's just a build up of ear crud but I think it's probably the end of them. Shame really because they've been great and case wonderfully tactile!

Colin Tranter
07 earbuds

Haven't tried them yet as there an Xmas present.

One suggestion though if I may, Mifo probably needs to put bit more effort in to letting the consumer know what's going on with their order and not have them worry that their order is missing.

Cheers will review the quality of the 07's in the near future. Merry Xmas.

Ross Edser
So far, so good.

Quality appears great, seamless connection and operation as well as nice crisp sound.

Jose Ortiz

The earbuds themselves are terrific and everything the article I had read recommending them and stating how good they are is accurate. It's shame however that Mifo offers zero customer service and didn't state that the earbuds already come with ear tips. If I had known this I wouldn't bothered to upgrade to the Memory Foam Ear Tips. These are a complete waste and the very first time I used them it caused the earbud to completely fall out of my ear! So, it wouldn't recommend them and they're not necessary. Having said this, the sound quality of the earbuds themselves is fantastic and crystal clear thus far. I just hope it remains this way.

Benjamin Young
Good product

The quality of the sound is very good and they refuse to fall out during exercise.

Michael O'Berry

I thought they, had an option to turn on and off ambient outside noise, I must have made a mistake and bought the wrong one's, cause that why I bough them, that's all I'm disappointed in.